FTS 3.1.74

Posted by FTS team on February 20, 2014 |

  • reduce send/recv timeout to 110 secs to prevent from killing the clients ungracefully
  • leaking file descriptors when gsoap is set to keep_alive mode
  • monitoring web-app efficiency plots and optimizer decisions 
  • bug-fix for reporting transfer duration using *-status CLI 
  • do not use decimal digits for efficiency calculation 
  • bug-fix for enabling logging in debug mode 
  • prevent a MySql? deadlock and inserting records into retry tables

Important notes:

You will need to manually create the columns below

		ALTER TABLE t_optimize_active ADD datetime TIMESTAMP  NULL DEFAULT NULL;
		ALTER TABLE t_optimize_active ADD message VARCHAR(512);
                ALTER TABLE t_file ADD activity VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT "default";