FTS 3.2.27

Posted by FTS Team on September 18, 2014 |

-Fts_url_copy Receives SIGSEGV Recursively And Consumes A Lot Of CPU

-Can Now Configure Specific Endpoints To Use IPv6, Not The Whole Service

-Fts-Msg-Cron Has Been Removed From The Package "Fts-Msg", No Longer Needed

-Transfer Log Files  Now Show The Correct IP Of The Hosts (Either IPv4 Or IPv6) Involved In A Transfer

-Bring-Online Job Cancellation Take Into Account That A Single Token May Correspond To More Than One File

-Many Monitoring Web-App New Features

-Different Levels Of Transfer Logs Verbosity Are Now Supported

-Report Properly When VO Extensions Have Expired

-Parallel TCP Streams Optimization, Probing From 1-16 Streams

-Print Stacktrace In The Thread That Generated The Signal

-Allow Fixed Number Of Active Transfer S For Links Only

-Allow The User To Specify "Strict Copy", Meaning Just Copy The File Without Stat, Checksumming, Etc

-Enable Delegation Via REST Interface For FTS3 Cli

-Check For Out Of Disk Space Problems And Report Accordingly

-User Dn Publication Configurable In Messaging, Can Be Disabled Or Enabled On Demand

-Pass To Fts_url_copy The Max Number Of Active Transfers For The Given Link

More Details: Https://Svnweb.Cern.Ch/Trac/Fts3/Milestone/FTS3%203.2.27


Important Notes:

1) Mind You Need To Apply First The Database Changes Below (MySql):

SET Storage_engine=INNODB;

alter table t_debug add debug_level  INTEGER DEFAULT 1;

alter table t_optimize add ipv6 VARCHAR(3) CHECK (ipv6 In ('on', 'off'));

alter table t_optimize_active add fixed VARCHAR(3) CHECK (fixed In ('on', 'off'));

alter table t_server_config add show_user_dn VARCHAR(3) CHECK (show_user_dn In ('on', 'off'));

CREATE TABLE t_cloudStorage (
    cloudStorage_name VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
    app_key           VARCHAR(255),
    app_secret        VARCHAR(255),
    service_api_url   VARCHAR(1024)

CREATE TABLE t_cloudStorageUser (
    user_dn              VARCHAR(700) NULL,
    vo_name              VARCHAR(100) NULL,
    cloudStorage_name    VARCHAR(36) NOT NULL,
    access_token         VARCHAR(255),
    access_token_secret  VARCHAR(255),
    request_token        VARCHAR(255),
    request_token_secret VARCHAR(255),
    FOREIGN KEY (cloudStorage_name) REFERENCES t_cloudStorage(cloudStorage_name),
    PRIMARY KEY (user_dn, vo_name, cloudStorage_name)

CREATE TABLE t_optimize_streams (
  source_se    VARCHAR(150) NOT NULL,
  dest_se      VARCHAR(150) NOT NULL,  
  nostreams    INTEGER NOT NULL,   
  throughput   FLOAT DEFAULT NULL,
  tested       INTEGER DEFAULT 0,
  CONSTRAINT t_optimize_streams_pk PRIMARY KEY (source_se, dest_se, nostreams),
  CONSTRAINT t_optimize_streams_fk FOREIGN KEY (source_se, dest_se) REFERENCES t_optimize_active (source_se, dest_se) ON DELETE CASCADE

CREATE INDEX t_optimize_streams_datetime ON t_optimize_streams(datetime);
CREATE INDEX t_optimize_streams_throughput ON t_optimize_streams(throughput);
CREATE INDEX t_optimize_streams_tested ON t_optimize_streams(tested);

2) yum update






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