FTS 3.3.3

Posted by FTS Team on November 30, 2015 |


  • [FTS-326] - In the 'backup' method, nFiles and nJobs are not modified
  • [FTS-336] - The 'update status' check is done after the url copy had already been spawned
  • [FTS-339] - When a session reuse job with retry enabled has *some* transfers going to be retried, they starve
  • [FTS-340] - Strict-copy set by job, overriden by link configuration
  • [FTS-351] - fts_url_copy ignores --debug


  • [FTS-338] - Database backup method uses way too big transactions sometimes, allow to configure
  • [FTS-352] - Introduce back check for available memory left before spawning fts_url_copy