FTS 3.4.2

Posted by FTS Team on November 30, 2015 |


  • [FTS-232] - Redundant where statement
  • [FTS-235] - Some transfers may have the transfer host set, but no log exists
  • [FTS-241] - Transfers executed twice when the node pool changes
  • [FTS-273] - URL Copy sends two messages for the same file if signals are involved
  • [FTS-292] - Multihop transfers must send a message per hop
  • [FTS-294] - Priority seems to be broken
  • [FTS-311] - max_time_in_queue value is ignored
  • [FTS-314] - Option checking not working as intended in some fts command line clients
  • [FTS-326] - In the 'backup' method, nFiles and nJobs are not modified
  • [FTS-328] - Hosts still marked as 'drained' are neved removed from t_hosts
  • [FTS-329] - Need to remove <availability> from the sls output
  • [FTS-331] - Debug should be disabled by default on the monitoring
  • [FTS-332] - Web monitoring leaks memory
  • [FTS-336] - The 'update status' check is done after the url copy had already been spawned
  • [FTS-339] - When a session reuse job with retry enabled has *some* transfers going to be retried, they starve
  • [FTS-340] - Strict-copy set by job, overriden by link configuration
  • [FTS-351] - fts_url_copy ignores --debug
  • [FTS-371] - Activity sharing tags do not correspond between the client and the monitoring
  • [FTS-379] - Fix the Web monitoring for CentOS7
  • [FTS-380] - Web monitoring: escape urls on the query args
  • [FTS-401] - Segfault when AuthorizedVOs is empty or missing


  • [FTS-227] - Add support for wildcard in the operation limit
  • [FTS-237] - Introduce a limit of monitoring messages to be read and sent from the disk
  • [FTS-238] - Log tranfers to purge and logs to rotate to different directories
  • [FTS-254] - Allow to enable IPv6 at submission time
  • [FTS-281] - Expose recoverable/non recoverable via messaging
  • [FTS-298] - Monitoring: Allow to set page size
  • [FTS-303] - Remove 'queued' from server statistics
  • [FTS-305] - Store in t_optimizer_evolution entries also for links with fixed numbers
  • [FTS-309] - Reduce bring online bulk request to 1k
  • [FTS-325] - SLS now expects a 'status' field
  • [FTS-333] - Web monitoring in a separate wsgi process
  • [FTS-334] - Web Mon: Use MySQLdb.cursors.SSCursor to reduce memory footprint
  • [FTS-335] - Use system's coredump capability rather than Google Coredumper
  • [FTS-338] - Database backup method uses way too big transactions sometimes, allow to configure
  • [FTS-352] - Introduce back check for available memory left before spawning fts_url_copy
  • [FTS-375] - Systemd ini scripts required
  • [FTS-377] - Operation limit missing in the monitoring
  • [FTS-389] - Make 'stalled transfer' check configurable
  • [FTS-396] - Make RAM requirements for auto-drain configurable

New Feature

  • [FTS-288] - Expose file size in transfer view
  • [FTS-306] - Show fixed values configurations
  • [FTS-315] - Change some cli clients to use rest by default
  • [FTS-369] - Overview including activities
  • [FTS-402] - Re-enable AuthorizedVO


  • [FTS-283] - Remove ftsdb Python wrappers
  • [FTS-285] - Deprecate SOAP Python bindings
  • [FTS-287] - Remove MonitoringDb code