FTS 3.7.5

Posted by FTS Team on October 9, 2017 |


  • [FTS-1048] - ipv4 and ipv6 transfer parameters not respected
  • [FTS-1062] - Reconsider optimizeWorseningSuccessRate
  • [FTS-1065] - Must not kill pid 0
  • [FTS-1067] - Drop transferred field from the overview
  • [FTS-1072] - FTS writes messages to /var/lib/fts3/monitoring even though MonitoringMessaging is set to false
  • [FTS-1073] - When a transfer fails with ECANCELED, next replica is not picked

New Feature

  • [FTS-1063] - Add the possibility to configure the steps size and EMA


  • [FTS-1058] - Optimizer should log something even when the logger is set to INFO


  • [FTS-1039] - Optimizer should not drop actives when the queue is empty or near