FTS 3.7.10

Posted by FTS Team on June 11, 2018 |


  • [FTS-1151] - queries with WHERE x IN (.., NULL) are not correct
  • [FTS-1179] - fts-msg-monitoring.conf should not contain the cern broker address
  • [FTS-1181] - the ACTIVE parameter is not taken into account
  • [FTS-1197] - Wrong default values for StagingBulkSize and StagingConcurrentRequests on the fts3 config file
  • [FTS-1204] - MySqlAPI::getStreamsOptimization does not take into account '*' configuration
  • [FTS-1208] - Don't fail if monit link is not providing in fts3web config


  • [FTS-1169] - Add default link configuration to DB schema script


  • [FTS-1211] - Bringonline needs to write new proxies to disk before the old ones expire
  • [FTS-1223] - Configure fixed job priority on the Scheduler