FTS 3.8.2

Posted by FTS Team on January 10, 2019 |


  • [FTS-1238] - Add Deletion jobs to Web Monitoring
  • [FTS-1282] - Add OpenID connect access to WebMonitoring


  • [FTS-1300] - Web monitoring gives intermittent 403
  • [FTS-1311] - DelegCred::isValidProxy doesn't expect the AC to expire before the proxy
  • [FTS-1326] - fts-diff-4.0.1.sql has incorrect SQL syntax
  • [FTS-1330] - New version of Pyhon-django on EPEL-testing breaks Web-mon
  • [FTS-1334] - SSLCARevocationCheck is missing from FTS rest and Webmon default apache 2.4 conf
  • [FTS-1347] - Various bugs when doing bulk submission with json file via CLI
  • [FTS-1320] - Error in expiration time calculation
  • [FTS-1325] - Transfers submission to Banned SEs should report a proper error message


  • [FTS-1310] - Remove workaround for dCache macaroon as destination
  • [FTS-1333] - Remove hardcoded days when cleaning the t_optimizer_evolution
  • [FTS-1346] - remove --vo parameter from fts-set-blacklist
  • [FTS-1339] - Add the selection_strategy and s3alternate on the python API


  • [FTS-1306] - Improve the macaroon validity calculation
  • [FTS-1309] - Add LIST caveat to both source and destination macaroon requests
  • [FTS-1100] - Update Link configuration missing on WebConfig
  • [FTS-1324] - Ban SE should not expect the VO param from the client but rather extract this info from the VOMS groups of the caller
  • [FTS-1338] - Allow bulk status requests from python client