FTS 3.8.3

Posted by FTS Team on February 21, 2019 |


  • [FTS-1359] - Macaroon validity should be set to 2* transfer timeout
  • [FTS-1362] - Optimizer running in parallel in 2 nodes
  • [FTS-1368] - Transfers part of a Session Reuse job are killed by SanityChecker
  • [FTS-1373] - Destination and Source space tokens missing from SessionReuse transfers
  • [FTS-1376] - Shebang on some FTS files incorrectly use python instead of python2
  • [FTS-1382] - Duplicate fts-url-copy transfers for the same file id executed in different hosts
  • [FTS-1360] - Wrongly removed Unauthorized exception without arguments from rest bindings
  • [FTS-1375] - Automatic Session Reuse converts Multi Replica job to Session Reuse


  • [FTS-1232] - Add nostreams to the easy bindings' new_job interface
  • [FTS-1267] - fts-rest package should include firewalld service
  • [FTS-1268] - fts-rest package missing MySQL-python depedency
  • [FTS-1354] - XrdSecGSIDELEGPROXY=1 on the fts-url-copy job env is needed for Xrootd TPC
  • [FTS-1384] - Add firewalld conf for WebMon on C7